Friday, October 24, 2014
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[youtube] Interesting article posted on Canada Free Press, about a deal that was made not pursuing Obama's whereabouts on the evening of 9/11/12


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[youtube] Obama has the Department of Justice applying pressure to banks to stop doing business with legitimate gun stores as a way to reduce...


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[youtube] The Commander in Chief ordered our Military to follow idiotic Rules of Engagement on the field of battle. Those idiotic rules relted in...


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[youtube] Obama said that the VA processes 85 million patients per year, and they have to have systems in place to handle that volume....


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[youtube] According to Jay Carney, Obama was unaware of the secret lists at the Veteran's Affairs until he saw a report of the problem...

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Good morning folks, Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass said it best. "After keeping his mouth shut on that growing Veterans Affairs scandal for weeks, President...

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It looks like President Obama's transition team was notified that there were 3 ongoing audits of the Veterans Administration for long patient wait times...

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President Barack Obama has finally made a statement related to the Veterans Administration scandal of manipulating records to hide the fact that many veterans...


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[youtube] Obama prefers to insulate himself by not knowing of any of the many scandals that unfolded during his presidency. He denied having known...

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Arlington, Va. – President Obama today affirmed his support for Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Sec. Eric Shinseki despite evidence of widespread and corroborated...