Saturday, August 30, 2014
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[youtube] Watch this video. Would anyone in their right mind have done what McCain did, when he had ample opportunity, countless times to attack...

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Good news for Earth Day: We can boost energy production and economic growth without harming the environment! Thanks to years of empty promises from the...


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[youtube] I am absolutely convinced that ObamaCare is Obama's achilles tendon, and once severed, he will be laughed out of the Oval Office. Congress...


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[youtube] Since we know that Obama constantly lies, why would anyone believe what he tells us about the number of sign-ups of ObamaCare. What...

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What is the reason that President Obama keeps delaying this large job producing and energy providing pipeline? As we have seen through his presidency...


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[youtube] With food prices rising, the Middle-Class will be hardest hit, the rich can afford the price increases, and Obama will add additional funds...


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[youtube] Obama has pulled all of our American tanks out of Germany, and they are being brought back to the United States. Think that...

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Here’s a disturbing new idea from some members of Congress: Trade instant citizenship to illegal immigrants if they’ll agree to serve in the U.S....


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George Will is great at making the complex simple. In this short video, George Will is absolutely right. 'The Debate Is Over' has become...

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According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), total deficits under President Obama’s 2015 budget proposal would be $1.7 trillion higher than the administration’s...