Thursday, September 18, 2014
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Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

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Tom Harkin was acting like having one's fingerprints all over Obamacare is a good thing! He probably didn't realize the gravity of what he...

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All those young college age Obama voters must be realizing that they made a mistake (probably 2) by now right? Probably not. As usual,...

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"The law's perverse incentives will have the nation working fewer hours, and working those hours less productively." Democrats now complain about people using the term...

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New CMS Report Offers Latest Proof The President’s Promises On Costs Not Adding Up For Most Americans   PROMISE:“…it will slow the growth of health care...


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Chris Matthews opens mouth and inserts foot again. Matthews does exactly what Liberal Progressives accuse Conservatives of doing by saying Senator Ted Cruz looks...

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lanned Parenthood does more than just perform abortions. They do sex-ed for your kids too.

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So, what did you do with the $2,500 your family saved last year because of the Affordable Care Act?

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Is it possible? Is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on the verge of breaking ranks with the GOP and endorsing an embattled Democrat Senator...

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They don't even mention Liberal support for organizations like Hamas (genital mutilation, women in burkas and stoned to death for adultery when raped) versus...

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If President Obama and Big Government failures don't teach Millennials that the U.S. Federal Government is out of control and must be reigned in,...