Friday, October 31, 2014
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Politico is media shorthand for "Obama Worshipers," they're every bit as bad as MSNBC, they just don't have the video.

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This video is well worth watching. This is a country based on the government following the Will of The People not people following the...

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The wife of a District Attorney driving a case against Governor Walker? There isn't a conflict of interest anywhere to be seen right? Can...

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Last summer, NRSC Executive Director Rob Collins wrote, "In 2012 Democrats built and ran the nastiest campaigns our nation has ever seen. We know that they...

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The summer movie season may be drawing to close, but there's still plenty of new entertainment to be had. Hillary Clinton's interview in...

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We've all been there. Most of the time, it's mostly going nowhere fast. We blog, we call, we donate, we support less-than-ideal-candidates,...

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Well, have you ever seen Nancy Pelosi and The Creature From the Black Lagoon at the same place at the same time? Just saying. See...

The Obama Doctrine: Pretend to Give a Damn–Until You Don't Have To

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For years, commentators have attempted to peg down just what the Obama Doctrine is. His allies have labeled the Obama Doctrine a form of...

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WWe're actually not sure his nose can get long enough.  There's two and a half years left...


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Chris Matthews opens mouth and inserts foot again. Matthews does exactly what Liberal Progressives accuse Conservatives of doing by saying Senator Ted Cruz looks...