Sunday, November 23, 2014
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President of the United States

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Every election has rumbles of an "October Surprise" and this year is no different. Well, there is one difference this year...

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Does Hillary Clinton REALLY think that Global Warming/Climate Change is the most urgent, consequential challenge we face? If she really does, she is a...


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Wow! Beware when any politician, especially the President of the United States talks about a "Patriotic Tax" like President Barack Obama does in this...


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The president advised Congress to pass his executive actions as laws if they think he lacks authority In his ABC interview, Obama said that he...


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[youtube] On December 29, 2010, Barack Obama signed Directive 3015.18 which authorizes the President to engage American citizens to protect Federal Property and or...


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Congressman Joe Wilson was castigated for yelling out, "You Lie!" at President Obama during a State of the Union Address. Joe Wilson was absolutely...

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According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), total deficits under President Obama’s 2015 budget proposal would be $1.7 trillion higher than the administration’s...


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[youtube] The," Manchurian Candidate," was selected, and molded for the roll that he is playing, as President of the United States. He was put...


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The President's health care law celebrated its four-year anniversary this weekend and the broken promises from the President continue to pile up. "Four years after...

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