Thursday, October 23, 2014
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"Americans expect their president to vindicate the victims of terrorism." Editor's Note: This article was originally posted at The Washington Times and is reposted here...

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Presidential legacies in perspective. Barack Obama is the first enigma elected President. Obama is also a complete fraud. See the cartoon below. Click to enlarge.

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President Obama made much of "Smart Diplomacy" in 2008. It was Hillary Clinton's great step forward...


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We are wondering why this hasn't really seen the light of day until now. Do you know how much guff, W. Bush would have...

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One of my friends recently received a brochure from a relative of hers pertaining to his involvement in the Libertarian Party.  She presumed that...


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Wow! Beware when any politician, especially the President of the United States talks about a "Patriotic Tax" like President Barack Obama does in this...

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Last year, I wrote a commentary called RINOs?, where I criticized Republicans generally, and conservative Republicans specifically, for using this term when discussing party...

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Tomorrow is our 238 anniversary of our glorious independence. Last year, I wrote the following commentary. Since this time, we have witnessed some of...

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Jimmy Carter must be smiling. Even George W. Bush must be pleased after so much Big Media bashing for eight years W. Bush still...

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On June 26, 1963, John F. Kennedy gave one of his last great speeches before he died so tragically that November 22. We will...