Saturday, November 22, 2014
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CNN displayed quite a blooper during its coverage of the Scottish independence referendum. It put up a graphic showing that the Yes and No...

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Chuck Todd has replaced David Gregory on NBC's Meet the Press show but is there really any difference to speak of? What are NBC...

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Look out! Now President Obama and his illustrious Administration want to scour the Internet in search of what they deem "hate speech" and shut...


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[youtube] According to this article, Glenn Beck has invited all that supported Cliven Bundy to unfriend him, unsubscribe to his news letters, and to...


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'Yay! Amazon Fire TV! Dang!" Introducing Amazon Fire TV,, the streaming media player that listens to Gary Busey. Gary likes to talk to things,...


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[youtube] ObamaCare needs to be stopped before it is too late, if it is not too late already.


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Olympic committee officials say nothing wrong with faking footage Olympic officials have defended Russia's use of fake TV footage to stop viewers realizing the iconic...


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Transcript: you know what i'll miss most about doing this? the most fun is all the politicians we've had fun over the years. here's some...


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[youtube] The truth is that he has no clue about anything, and it is becoming more obvious every time that he opens his mouth.

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The new year has arrived, and Anglophiles everywhere are overdosing on Season 4 of the BBC/PBS hit Downton Abbey. What makes this series...