Wednesday, November 26, 2014
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More and more lawmakers in Washington are lining up to say we don’t have a spending problem and are ready to defend their massive deficits that add trillions to the debt. But a new poll from Public Notice shows that the vast majority of Americans disagree; the best way to improve the economy is by cutting spending and exercising some fiscal restraint. At the same time, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is warning that the debt is unsustainable without “significant” changes to entitlement spending, and the federal government is still wasting billions. Washington can keep telling themselves spending isn’t a problem all they want, but everyone else knows it’s time for an intervention.

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Before jumping into the state-by-state news, take note of this current polling chart from RealClearPolitics which the Democrats are hoping you will overlook because...

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NOTE: “It speaks volumes when Tim Kaine is criticizing President Obama, of all people, for not taxing and spending nearly enough,” said National Republican...

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Unprecedented Social Media Campaign Will Educate Voters About Candidates’ Support For Failed Obama Policies ALEXANDRIA, Va. ---  ForAmerica, the largest active online conservative organization, today...

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Henrico, VA – On the eve of the third anniversary of the passage of the failed $800 billion stimulus, the George Allen for U.S....

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From the Richmond Times-Dispatch (editorial)   As former governors, George Allen and Tim Kaine have lengthy records to run on — and, sometimes, to run from....

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From The Washington Post:   President Obama arrives in the state Tuesday as part of three-day North Carolina and Virginia bus tour to talk about the...

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Dems and a fawning media salivating over Obama's pick to lead the DNC. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the perfect fire-breathing partisan hack to lead...