Saturday, October 25, 2014
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Police say they've taken a man into custody in connection with two unattended backpacks. From BOSTON  — Police say they've taken a man into custody...


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This Tuesday, the President will deliver his fifth State of the Union address. Like so many of the President’s speeches, it will be filled...

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It's one thing when liberals like Jerry Brown in California sign on to these soft forms of amnesty for illegal aliens but when self-proclaimed...

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Congress, Staff Get 5-Star Treatment on Obamacare Enrollment The New York Times reports, “Members of Congress like to boast that they will have the same...

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The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill on Tuesday. It will go to the Senate floor after the Memorial Day...

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House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), speaking to reporters Tuesday morning, said the bombings are ‘clearly another place where it demonstrates why having the ability to address security concerns is important.’ … In the short term, there's a question of taste and accuracy. People aren't taking his comments well (just check Twitter). Even if the Maryland congressman offered it the best faith, it smacks of political opportunism.

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On his Tuesday evening broadcast, Glenn Beck hosted a special guest panel comprising people who have survived the unspeakable atrocity of rape. What’s more,...

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CBO Confirms Higher Taxes Won't Fix Budget Mess The Wall Street Journal editorializes, "President Obama promised that higher taxes on the affluent would usher in a fiscal golden age, but Tuesday's annual outlook from the Congressional Budget Office suggests that was, well, fantasy.

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While life has been busy for me the rest of the world has gone on: The biggest news being in Egypt as an actual people’s...

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Media Stinger - Last March, Mass Effect 3 created one of the biggest controversies in gaming history after players got done playing through one...