Wednesday, August 27, 2014
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The fastest growing demographic of new gun owners and new concealed carry license holders in America is women. More power to them! Nothing "levels...


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It is not difficult to find examples of Collectivism failing throughout history. Collectivism regardless whether its called Socialism, Communism, National Socialism, Progressivism or Liberalism...

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When news first broke that the US had – does the word “rescued” really apply here? We’ll use “retrieved” – retrieved Bowe Bergdahl from...


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'They look like they're on their back feet on this one' Chuck Todd: White House Expected ‘Euphoria’ Over Bergdahl’s Release (Washington Free Beacon) MSNBC’S Chuck Todd...

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The internet legend Matt Drudge gives a lesson to the social media masses. From Matt Drudge, internet legend and creator of the Drudge Report, has taken...

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Thank you Hillary Clinton for working to prevent Boko Haram from being designated officially as a terrorist group. As usually happens, reality has a...


0 793 does a great job in this video keeping it light and funny while showing really cool stuff and demolishing some Liberal Progressive myths...


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It's not even that much exercise! :) George Will nails it once again when he says what many of us think when he mentions...

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Weasel Zippers has been using Google Ads for years now and out of the blue they have been dropped because they do not comply with Google Adsense guidelines.

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How many Modern Big Government Liberal Progressive neo-Puritan busy-bodies have you heard start a sentence like this? If it was legal, we would recommend...