Thursday, July 24, 2014
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'The truth isn’t partisan, they’re basic questions that haven’t been answered, and she views it as criticism' Sen. Cruz Responds to Clinton on Benghazi: She...

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On May 26, 2014, Term Limits for US Congress began the process under Article V of the Constitution to persuade at least 34 states...

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In a press release update from the Senate Conservatives Fund, the grassroots are encouraged to keep doing what they are doing to fight the...

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[youtube] The House of Representatives has to draw up the articles of impeachment, and then they would be sent over to the Senate. With...


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[youtube] Hopefully the DC Circuit Court of Appeals is to hear oral arguments about the validity of the ACA. If they follow what's clearly...


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[youtube] Folks, Congress and this Administration is a complete mess, there are probably only a handful of Congressional Representatives worth saving, the rest, and...


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[youtube] he focus of the hearing should be about the lies, and the cover-up that was led by the White House. Speaker John Boehner...

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"The Obama administration's ongoing reluctance to provide information and documentation voluntarily to the American people and their representatives. LOUISVILLE, KY - U.S. Senate Republican Leader...


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[youtube] Question. If Obama ordered his Administration to go around Congress, do we then need Congress? Sadly, if what Obama ordered Congress to do...


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[youtube] Obama is bending over backwards lying to everyone about ObamaCare. He knows that it is on life-support, and he must know that the...