Wednesday, November 26, 2014
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Frenchman Identified in ISIS Video Denies Being in Video

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The French government believes Michael Dos Santos is "one of two French militants" that appeared in a video that showed American aid worker Peter...

Most Popular Obamacare Plans Will Spike 10 Percent in 2015

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Obamacare customers enrolled in the most popular health plans will experience an average 10% premium spike in 2015, a new analysis by Avalere Health...

America Has Been Warned: Edward Gibbon’s The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

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What can a chronicler of barbarian invasions, writing in the 18th century, explain to Americans in the 21st century?What lessons can we learn today...

Abbott: Obama's Immigration Order 'the Epitome of Lawlessness'

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HOUSTON, Texas -- The governor-elect of Texas, Attorney General Greg Abbott, claimed that President Obama is is "dispensing with the immigration law as it...


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Too bad there wasn't more of this during the first debates about Obamacare! Are even Liberal/Progressives in Big Media starting to wake up to...

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Candice Lanier - Last Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed a resolution denouncing the Iranian government for its horrendous human rights violations. But, there is...

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When a white cop shoots a black thug, there is pandemonium as the race-baiting "usual suspects" beat the same anti-police, anti-gun drum. Where are...

America Among Least Happy Countries

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If you are looking for the "happiest" country on earth, don't look to the USA. At least that is the message from the Happy...


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In this eye opening video, Press Secretary Josh Earnest, is pressed to answer if President Barack Obama still adheres to what he said just...

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"The more officially "tolerant" we become, the more intolerant we must be in enforcing it." - Mark Steyn Above is a crystal clear, true observation...