Saturday, November 22, 2014
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When a white cop shoots a black thug, there is pandemonium as the race-baiting "usual suspects" beat the same anti-police, anti-gun drum. Where are...

America Among Least Happy Countries

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If you are looking for the "happiest" country on earth, don't look to the USA. At least that is the message from the Happy...


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In this eye opening video, Press Secretary Josh Earnest, is pressed to answer if President Barack Obama still adheres to what he said just...

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"The more officially "tolerant" we become, the more intolerant we must be in enforcing it." - Mark Steyn Above is a crystal clear, true observation...

Poll: Plurality Against Obama Executive Amnesty

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A plurality of Americans do not want President Barack Obama to enact an executive amnesty for the country's illegal immigrants. A USA Today poll found...

Marriage Is Pro-Growth, The Economy Can’t Do Without It

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The greatest economic challenge of our time is how to restore economic growth. Over the past dozen years, average real growth has slowed to...


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SABO is the shock artist who put the Gwyneth Paltrow "Obama Drone"  posters all around Los Angeles when Barack Obama last visited her mansion...

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This article is about training revealed from Amtrak but you can see through the actions of various law enforcement agencies that this type of...


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Are Black American voters finally starting to realize after more than half a century of Democrat leadership in all the most poverty stricken areas...


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We are not fans of Mitt Romney. That being said, it is obvious he would've been a much better president than Barack Obama is....