Thursday, August 28, 2014
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Several key items of information in this short video. An American fighting with Islamist rebels was reportedly killed during this battle. ISIS fighters fire...

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Here we go again! It appears that the United States has become the "Land of the Formerly Free" and the "Nanny States of America." From...

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Do you think that the multiple enemies of the United States really take Barack Obama seriously? See cartoon below. Click to enlarge.

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As if Barack Obama's policies weren't hurting the United States economy enough already! Isn't it nice to have an American President who's goal it...

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It was reported in Tuesday's late online edition of USA Today that there is an unidentified 26 year old American woman who is being held by...

Gov. Jerry Brown to Mexican Illegals: 'You're All Welcome in California'

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On Monday evening, California Governor Jerry Brown said all Mexicans, including illegal immigrants, are welcome in California. According to the Los Angeles Times, while introducing...


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A panel of Liberal/Progressives on MSNBC (is there any other kind?) can't understand why Billionaire Warren Buffet who is famously quoted as saying taxes...

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Sadly it is making sense for just about every American company to become a foreign company. Because of Liberal/Progressive policies, the United States, once...

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Regardless of how Liberal/Progressive/Collectivists try to deny it, the more centrally planned an economy becomes, the worse it performs. California's economy will not recover...

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Editor Note: This article was originally posted at CNS News by Terence P. Jeffrey, re-posted here with permission. ( - Gen. Martin Dempsey, the chairman...