Monday, November 24, 2014
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[youtube] This Administration uses those on welfare, food stamps, Section 8 housing, etc. They are similar to the elderly that utilize resources and give...


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[youtube] A viewer from Scotland said that it appears that their Government is on the same page as is ours, unless people contribute, they...

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In a speech on the Senate floor last night, Sen. Ted Cruz lambasted legislation that tied aid to Ukraine with changes to how much...


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Rep. Bill Johnson delivered the Weekly Republican Address on Saturday, March 15. Johnson discusses the devastating impact the president's health care law is having...


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[youtube] Sadly, there is nowhere than any one of us can go for help, since the Administration has taken control of all parts of...


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[youtube] Freedom Outpost has a riveting article that outlines Obama's Executive Orders Their article also lists many of the FEMA Camps scattered throughout the...


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[youtube] Within ObamaCare, a group known as the Independent Payment Advisory Board will determine who gets what kind of medical treatment even if the...

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In an interview with WebMD, President Obama admitted that you might not be able to keep your doctor after all. "For the average person,...


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[youtube] How many African American Democrats would remain Democrats if they knew the truth? The truth being that the Democrats started the Klu Klux...


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[youtube] When the Republicans run a Primary for the Presidential candidate they end up destroying themselves. Running ten candidates dilutes the field and more...