Thursday, October 30, 2014
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The Problem? In recent years with the war on terrorism and the poor economy, the rate of unemployment and homelessness has increased for the Veteran...

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Good morning folks, We have to hand it to Harry Reid; he apparently has no qualms about being the slimiest politician in Washington. This truth...

4 1588 The latest salvo in the Senate’s procedural war was fired yesterday when Senator Chuck Grassley (R—Iowa) introduced a resolution to limit abuse of the...

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In what is best described as blatant disregard of Ukraine’s national sovereignty, Russian troops continue to occupy key sites across the Crimean Peninsula. What’s...

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Ronald Reagan is known for many great quotes which have inspired so many Americans for years. I could go on and cite any one...


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[youtube]) Obama is now pushing out the ObamaCare individual mandate. The reason given is so that the Democrats will have sufficient time to fix...


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[youtube]) Obama has Muslim Brotherhood members scattered throughout his Administration, he also now has them scattered throughout our Military as well, which is why...


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Rep. Gowdy's Floor Speech on the ENFORCE the Law Act  


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[youtube]) Sadly, I also believe that Obama could careless about what the American people feel about his leadership.

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It’s getting difficult to take any part of Obamacare seriously. The Obama administration has altered or delayed it so many times—who can be sure what...