Saturday, August 30, 2014
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The international scene in the past couple of weeks was supposed to be a smiling gathering of nations for the Olympics. That has been...

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I know this topic was discussed in January, after the Congress passed and Barry signed legislation to cut emergency unemployment benefits and veteran’s benefits...

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As of this moment, chimpanzees rendered unemployed due to the downturn in the organ grinder business will be applying to replace Morgan.

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It's amazing how president Obama always seems to be two steps behind everyone else when it comes to foreign policy... and when it come...


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[youtube] We have to wonder how much longer Obama will continue to try and defend the indefensible? Obama will soon come out with the...


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[youtube] The Governor plans to spend $99 million next year on substance abuse programs, after having legalized the sale of marijuana. He expects sales...


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[youtube] Thanks to his speech writers, Obama does come up with some unique and creative expressions, like hope and change. Once you take Obama away...

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Big-government skeptics are in a bit of tizzy of late because of a couple of polls claiming that Americans are becoming more cynical about...


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[youtube] The FCC licenses all outlets that broadcast either radio or television. If they elect not to renew an existing licensed news outlet, that...


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[youtube] According to the WND article, there are 22 enclaves scattered throughput the United States. Apparently these enclaves were first build in the United...