Monday, October 20, 2014
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[youtube] According to a WCJ posting filmmaker Spike Lee is upset that whites are moving into predominantly black neighborhood and Lee is very much...


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[youtube] California is a desert, and like all deserts they have limited supplies of water. California's dysfunctional Democratic controlled Government has never built sufficient...


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[youtube] In Maryland the Police have installed an 800 number where citizens can call in and give the Police the right to search homes....


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[youtube] It certainly does appear to be the case, might that explain why there are so many homeless veterans? I don't know, you tell...


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[youtube] Bill O'Riley said during his interview with Obama that Obama was a "True Patriot" and he was right, Obama in indeed a "True...

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An abhorrent floor speech by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., revealed such a twisted conception of both the First Amendment and the facts...


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Congressman Tom McClintock brings some common sense to California's drought crisis. There is no reason for the current drought problem. California needs more water...

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By Greg Budell “The FCC is required by law to conduct media studies.” That’s what Politico reporter and unofficial government propagandist Hadas Gold recently wrote, defending...

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CAIR’s Attack on Zuhdi Jasser’s Funders Begs the Questions: Who is CAIR and Where Does Its Money Come From by John D. Guandolo   Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser,...

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In recent years, the world has watched as Twitter and Facebook made political uprisings possible. In countries where dissidents previously had trouble making their...