Friday, August 29, 2014
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There’s a good chance you’re somewhere between dismayed and disgusted by the guileless, spineless cravens at the helm of our Grand Old Party. And...

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On September 5, 2013, I wrote a commentary entitled "The Newest State?" , where I overviewed the activities of the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors and other...


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[youtube] In Oregon after the Government spent $160,000,000.00 and not single citizen in Oregon was able to sign up for ObamaCare. Oregon now wants...

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[youtube] Secretary of State, John Kerry's daughter, Vanessa, married an Iranian American who has family back in Iran. Might this be why this criminal,...


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[youtube] Because of Obamacare, all of our personal medical records will have to be turned over to the Federal Government. They will know anything...


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[youtube] They are now saying that three million people have enrolled. Even if true, that is meaningless. How many of those paid their first...


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[youtube] Why would the US Army build a fake city in Virginia on 300 acres of land, complete with a Mosque? They spent $96...


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[youtube] In 1974 the brave Republicans called on the White House, and asked President Richard Nixon to resign. It is now the Democrats turn...


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If you try to ask questions about what government is covering up, detectives or state police will visit your house. I don’t know what happened...

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WASHINGTON -- President Obama is planning to introduce an initiative with specific targets: African-American and Hispanic men who have disproportionate rates of unemployment. Under the...