Wednesday, October 1, 2014
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[youtube] These clowns in key positions are totally clueless. They were not able to answer either one of the representatives questions, yet they were...

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Today we will have a redux of the infamous hearing of May 22, 2013, where Lois Lerner, former IRS Director of Exempt Organizations, surprised...

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Obama's signature achievement is working beautifully, Harry Reid will tell you. But unfortunately, there are spurious lies being spread by "shadowy groups" funded by...


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[youtube] AG Eric Holder told Governors that if they think federal laws against gay marriage are discriminatory, they should simply ignore those federal laws. Question,...

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[youtube] Western Center for Journalism has a great video that you need too take a close look at. I gave you all the title...


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[youtube] That's great, that is still three million shy that lost their healthcare coverage. The question is not how many signed up, the question...


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[youtube] I don't know if Michelle is a guy, I can't imagine that Obama if he is a homosexual would marry a woman. Have...


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[youtube] Restaurants that have more than twenty locations are required by Obama-Care to list the calorie count of each and every item that they...


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[youtube] Don't you think that we need to be concerned about what kind of illnesses, or diseases that they are bringing with them? A...


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[youtube] The Government is doing all that it can to hide the fact that terrorists have and are crossing our borders. The reason that...