Wednesday, November 26, 2014
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[youtube]) I believe that Preet Bharara will soon be the new Attorney General, since I also believe that AG Eric H. Holder Jr; will...


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[youtube]) Obama is in good company with other dictators that slaughtered their citizens once they were able to disarm them. Unless Obama is able...

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John Hawkins breaks down the 5 ways Socialism destroys societies at Townhall: 1) It kills economic growth: Strong economic growth is what produces jobs, tax...

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Nice job Barack. Call this gentleman and tell him he can keep his plan. And his doctor. And his $1,800. Oh, and Harry, we expect...


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[youtube]) On March 3, 2014, Vladimir Putin has given the Ukraine until 6:00 PM MST to surrender or prepare to be attacked.


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[youtube]) Before Its News has a very interesting post, it states that Hawaii and the Pacific Islands are now no longer habitable due to...


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[youtube] Connecticut's new laws make any citizen that has not registered their high capacity magazines and or their semi automatic rifles, class D felons....


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[youtube] Senator John Cornyn will hopefully lose his senate Seat to Representative Steve Stockman. Hopefully what is expected to happen in Texas will happen...

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Unite Here, a union with nearly 300,000 members, recently released a report, “The Irony Of Obamacare: Making Inequality Worse,” detailing the negative impact of...


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[youtube] I believe that he was fired because of the numerous jokes that he made against the "Chosen One," the Bush Baby," the "Usurper,"...