Saturday, October 25, 2014
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President Obama Promised That Government Spending Was The Answer To Creating Jobs   In 2009, The Obama Administration Told The Public That If The “Stimulus” Were...


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‘These are seven commonsense proposals with bipartisan roots that we all know can help get our country moving again. … Let’s enact these reforms....


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[youtube] I posted the link below, it highlights a young woman who returns to her village after having been gone a number of years,...


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[youtube] Kathleen Sibelius has a most irritating voice, and she really sounds like she might have a serious sinus infection.


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[youtube] Well, we know that they lie, that's what we know about liars. Could this rush to the hospital be a race and a...


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[youtube] This is exactly the same thing that Nancy Pelosi said earlier this week. I can't imagine too many people that have jobs being...


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[youtube] Three men in Spartanburg County South Carolina followed two women home after watching them at a bank ATM. As the women exited the...

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Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS), a solid conservative from flyover country, was giving a speech and the line was, "Isn't it high time we retire...

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There were several articles in the papers last evening which I found interesting to write about. All of them would make for a good...


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[youtube] The Obama Administration has gone after Dinesh D'Souza be unleashing US Attorney for Southern District of New York, Prect Bhara. If Dinesh D'Sousa...