Thursday, July 24, 2014
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[youtube] FOX News, needs to call Juan William's what he is, he is not a Political Consultant, he is as I stated in the...

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[youtube] Phoenix news radio station KFYI said that the unemployment rate is coming down, really? Or are people just dropping out?

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Late last week, I had the privilege and honor of speaking with Ron Givens, President of the Republican Assembly in Sacramento, California, at length...


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[youtube] According to the latest revelations, E-Cigarettes produce a very large number of heavy metal bi-products. They have found that they are much more...


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[youtube] Question, are the Muslim's preparing for Jihad, is the message being sent to them intentionally, so that they can indeed prepare for war?...


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[youtube] Democrats that are coming up for re-election have zero chance once the Obama-Care employer mandates kick in! Tens of millions will posse their...


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Cleta Mitchell told Congress today the IRS is still targeting conservative groups. Mitchell also said the "ongoing" DOJ investigation is a complete sham. "I want...

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“Why do so many black and Hispanic people vote for liberals who so energetically support the murder of black and Hispanic babies?” ~ Bristol...


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how hard is it to purchase a gun and exercise your God given right to self defense in a state like Massachusetts? Watch this...

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(N.Morgan) If you have had doubts about how this regime sees you and the American people, this memo will clear any of those doubts....