Thursday, November 27, 2014
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[youtube] Congressman Jason Chaffetz said that they are now receiving documents that have been altered, yet the documents are identical otherwise.

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Will some dirt finally stick to Senator Harry Reid? Senator Reid has been very shady for a very long time but every scandal seems...

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In this video the question is asked that if the Bureau of Land Management and the Federal Government's true interest in kicking the Bundys...

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Is there anything the U.S. government doesn’t take taxpayer dollars to do? Here’s a lesser-known function of your hard-earned money: providing backing for people in...

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We encourage you to support Mia Love for Congress! Ms. Love is running for the Utah District 4 Congressional Seat, and we think she is...

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The Obama Administration Plans To Cut Medicare Advantage Payments By 5.9 Percent Next Year. “The health insurance industry fighting proposed cuts to Medicare...


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I shot Huelux from April-November 2013 in South Dakota, Wyoming and Utah. The weather in 2013 made it difficult for me to get some of the shots I wanted. There were many times I planned to shoot the Milky Way or Aurora, and the clouds would roll in. But that also allowed me to get more night storm timelapse than I have any other year.

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If President Obama—or anyone else—is expecting that Medicaid will be Obamacare’s salvation, look elsewhere. The president said last week that “We’ve got close to 7...


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[youtube] In Utah at a local school, as children were sitting down to have their lunch, after the lunches were served, prior to the...

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The President’s annual State of the Union traveling road show and Amazon wish list is cuing up. Prior to Woodrow Wilson the President just...