Friday, October 31, 2014
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SABO is the shock artist who put the Gwyneth Paltrow "Obama Drone"  posters all around Los Angeles when Barack Obama last visited her mansion...


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Yes, it is worse than it used to be. Statutes enacted in the last decade or so against "structuring" which were sold as going...

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Jimmy Carter sounds very happy in this video, probably because he knows that Barack Obama is singlehandedly rescuing his presidential legacy. Obama is so...

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It seems security is being tested both around the President in the U.S. and around the Prime Minister in the U.K. The more security...

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This is especially funny because now it appears that, Saturday Night Live is taking on issues more seriously than the United States Department of...


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Democrats will tell you that voter fraud just doesn't happen that much and even when it is proven, Democrats deny that voter fraud is...


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A one minute video shows shots being fired inside the Parliament Building in Ottawa, Canada where earlier a Canadian soldier was shot dead while...


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It appears that election stealers are so blatant now that they don't even care if they get caught. If this kind of thing continues,...


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MRC Reporter Dan Joseph asks Michelle Obama supporters who like her school lunch meal program if the same standards should be applied to people...


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This is not what Democrats wanted Barack Obama to be talking about right before the election. This is part of the reason Tina Brown...