Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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MTV - The Warner Brothers presentation at WonderCon was packed with fans eager to get sneak peaks of "Edge of Tomorrow," starring Tom Cruise,...


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When the video is playing of the near miss of United States Senator Richard Blumenthal by a quickly passing train, you want to yell...


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This IS pretty funny and not what you expect. Funny for Theist and Atheist alike, if you can take a joke. A sense of...

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SourceFed - Google glass patents smart contact lens with creepy camera built in. Watch the Video!  


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Dramatic video showing the final moments of The Bundy Ranch confrontation with Federal Authorities. This is the best amateur video we have seen from the...

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Apple's next mobile OS will bring Healthbook, improved Maps, and a possible revamp of iTunes. Plus, iWatch rumors point to a fall release... Watch the...


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Journalist Naomi Schaffer Riley is interviewed on John Stossel's show and talks about how the real "War on Women" is being waged by Liberal...


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Is it real? Is it digitally fabricated? We don't know but it is definitely worth a two minute watch! Watch video below.

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Dramatic video of a Champaign, Illinois police officer brawling with a man at a gas station. Apparently Officer Cully Schweska received a call that...

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New York Times - It was love at first sight for Fred Glazier, who saw the Ford Mustang at the 1964 World's Fair. Soon...