Wednesday, July 30, 2014
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There is something just plain wrong with Liberal/Progressives that makes them think that dying as a victim is morally superior to fighting back in...


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Yes, this about sums it all up. In a little over one minute we can see what President Obama's message to the American Public...

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Fox Business New’s Jo Ling Kent on reports the government made nearly $100B in improper payments and that Citigroup is close to a multi-billion...


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How can you tell Barack Obama is lying? His lips are moving. Watch this laugh out loud video where President Obama says he isn't...


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Unbelievable! Except it IS believable. Posted with the video, "Birmingham, Alabama. Your Tax Dollars at Work." A bureaucracy that has no profit motive will merely...


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This looks like Honduras to us from the looks of the license plates and blue & white flag colors on buildings, although some have...


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What would it be like to claim that all receipts from 2009 through 2011 were conveniently missing during an IRS audit? Since the credibility...


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Yes, you read that title right. Looks like Nancy Pelosi is wanting to not let this crisis go to waste in her ongoing pursuit...


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Yes rather than shed a tear for the American peasants pressured under the yolk of the Internal Revenue Service, Representative Elijah Cummings sheds almost...


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This is a very insightful and short video. The Department of Veterans Affairs is a horrible boondoggle. And it is just one part of...