Sunday, September 21, 2014
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ABC And NBC Ignore Foley And Sotloff Family Bombshells

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In response to Sotloff Spokesman: Obama White House 'Bullied And Hectored' Family (Video): For the past week, both the Sotloff and Foley families have been...

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BENGHAZI PANEL BEGINS HEARINGS WITH QUESTIONS ON US DIPLOMATS’ SAFETY ACT! for America has been on the front lines of the Benghazi issue since the...

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Earnest said he can’t get ahead of ‘any decision making at the presidential level that still needs to be done’ Last week, President Obama laid...

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Liberal/Progressivism would be nothing without hypocrisy! Here is yet another example of "do as I say, not as I do." Every vote that Barack...

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Grabien takes a look at the reaction to Obama’s ISIS strategy from Democrat lawmakers and liberal media figures

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"Americans expect their president to vindicate the victims of terrorism." Editor's Note: This article was originally posted at The Washington Times and is reposted here...

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When most health care dollars come from the pockets of people receiving health care, market forces prevail. Costs are limited and choices abound. The...

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"Hispanics feel betrayed on deportation pledge". Welcome to the Club of the Betrayed! Americans have felt betrayed since Obama was first elected. So reports are...

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Its all political. Of course that doesn't stop Obama from saying its not political. After all, what has Obama ever said that wasn't a...


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So White House people no doubt at the behest of Barack Obama himself called many journalists and reporters pressuring them to not cover or...