Friday, September 19, 2014
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Editors Note: This article was originally posted at CNSNews by Lauretta Brown, re-posted here with permission. ( - President Barack Obama sent no White House...

Criticism as Obama, Clintons Party While Ferguson Erupts in Riots

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President Obama is being criticized for vacationing and partying with the Clintons in Martha's Vineyard as protests, and in some cases riots, continue to...


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We're used to seeing outrageous, off-the-wall, head-spinning stuff on MSNBC...but this fantastic little gem might just take the cake -- with a ton of...


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Unless you agree that man-made global warming/climate change is a real and present danger, and unless you agree to pay a steep economic price...


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This video is part explanation from Representative Tom Marino (PA-10) about what happened when Nancy Pelosi broke decorum and chased Marino while wagging her finger...


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We are wondering why this hasn't really seen the light of day until now. Do you know how much guff, W. Bush would have...

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People have observed the actions and speech of Nancy Pelosi and commented that she must be losing mental capacity mostly as a joke. More...

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‘These reports that hundreds of innocent Palestinian civilians have been killed are tragic’ TODD: “I want to turn now to Israel. How would you characterize...

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President Obama can say he isn't going to grant amnesty to thousands of illegal alien children flooding over the border with their families, but he's lying.

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Okay, what planet is the President of the United States living on? Islamatopia? In a statement from the Obama White House, marking the end of...